Division: Day Trading

division day trading
Division: Day Trading

Players who want the fastest action the market has to offer will feel right at home in the day trading division. Huge profits can be gained or lost in seconds so traders must be at the top of their game. Day trading is not for the emotional trader. Successful day traders can control emotions and systematically see gains through adherence to a careful plan. This division is not for the inexperienced.


Players in this division are scored by day trade transactions only. Team players must enter and exit a position in the same trading day for it to be calculated in their score. There is no limit to the number of day trades players can make each day. Day traders in this category should be sure they are using cash accounts through their brokerage. This will eliminate the pattern day trading rule imposed on margin accounts. Cash accounts are not required but highly suggested.

Take Profit

Pay attention and capture profit early. A small gain is way better than any loss so don’t let your trades become losses by hesitating to take profit. There are thousands of opportunities each trading day to profit from price action so don’t linger in one trade too long. Get your money and get out so you can enter the next position.