Division: Long-term Trading

division: long-term trading
Division: Long-term Trading

Long-term traders rely on analysis to find stocks at a value then capitalize from price movements over longer time frames. This method of trading stock is more like investing and less like “playing the stock market”. Long-term trading division is perfect for players who are interested in investing but can’t closely follow the market each day. Players who work a regular 9 to 5 job may be interested in a long-term investing strategy.


Players in this division will hold all positions for the duration of the season. Only positions opened on the first day of the season will be used for scoring. Open positions will be compared to their closing prices at the end of the season to determine your score. Players in this division are not required to sell their shares to contribute to the team score. The point of long-term trading is to hold, so we score by using daily close prices rather than exit prices.

Take Profit

There are times when it becomes obvious to a trader that they need to take some profit. Long-term players may decide they want to take profit during the season rather than holding. There is no penalty for taking profit. Player scores will be calculated each day and capture any transactions. So, never be afraid to take profit when you see fit. Any positions that are sold early will still be used to calculate your player score.