Division: Swing Trading

division: swing-trading
Division: Swing Trading

Swing traders capitalize from volume and price movement that spans at least two market trading days. Many swing traders analyze momentum and enter trades they plan to sell the next day. This strategy is not as fast paced as day-trading but it does require a trader to pay close attention while in a position. This also requires a trader to continually search for their next position if they want to maximize the profit potential of their portfolio.


Only positions opened and closed on different trading days will be used for scoring players in the swing trading division. Players may enter and exit as many positions as they wish but day trades will not be used to calculate their scores. Teams in the swing trade division will focus on momentum plays through chart analysis and daily price action.

Take Profit

Always take profit when you are satisfied with your gains. There is no magic formula to determine when to sell, it is up to you. Swing trading moves quick and large gains can disappear overnight so don’t hesitate to lock in profit when you can. Small gains add up to big profit over time.