Democratization Of Investing

Democratization Of Investing

We know Wall Street is unfair for the little guy, but we are realizing there are things we can do about it. This is a huge undertaking, but the groundwork has already begun.   

Investors like Jim Cramer brag about manipulating the market just inside legal limits to trick the retail investor, fomenting market unrest is amusing to these guys. As a matter of fact, Cramer makes no bones about manipulating the market “because it’s not illegal” in this video

Some retail investors have become very market savvy and capable of high-level analysis. Today a regular armchair investor is capable of outperforming even the best hedge fund manager. The thing the hedge fund managers do that retail investors don’t do is collaborate on a much higher level.

We have seen retail investors begin to collaborate but it’s important to keep that momentum going. In the recent controversy surrounding r/wallstreetbets and GameStop collaboration by organized retail investors was able to change the entire game for everyone. This also made investors realize just how powerful they are when they work together. Many of us began to ask ourselves why we even need hedge fund managers in between us and our profit anyway. The volume of investors has exploded as millions of new investors rushed to the market looking for profits. Our community has momentum and volume which sounds like the perfect set-up for gains.   

We work stronger when we work together. An organized community is a powerful thing. Let’s take a note from Chamath Palihapitiya and strengthen the entirely democratic and decentralized hedge fund that is r/wallstreetbets across as many communication channels as possible.

Chamath Palihapitiya Tweet

It is not practical to rely on platforms owned an operated by huge corporations. For one, they really don’t care about the little guys as we saw when Robinhood restricted purchases of numerous stocks to protect bigger interests. We also saw other huge companies ban WallStreetBets in the wake of what can only be described as smart, researched and coordinated trading by retail investors.

While discord is no longer banning WallStreetBets it is still important for every community to have their own place to gather and share information. Currently the community is spread across multiple platforms including Reddit, Facebook and YouTube but seems to always be in jeopardy of being banned. This has delayed the growth of our community.

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