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Our Founder

Hello! My name is Bryan and I am an IT business professional, speculative stock trader and the founder of I want to give you some background so you can see how I arrived where I am today.

I have had an interest in the stock market for many years but didn’t open a trading account until 2016. Before that I watched YouTube videos related to stock trading and visited websites like I wanted to invest in the stock market but a lot of things we’re still very unclear and confusing. I lost interest for a short time until I returned to school to get the MBA I’ve still not completed.


I completed a 500 level course called “Accounting and Finance for Managers” which opened a lot of doors for me. A large part of the class curriculum involved managing a paper money trading account. Everyone started an account with $1,000,000 play money and was required to maintain and grow the account over the semester. Other portions of the course included calculating the future value of money and analyzing financial reports. The most interesting part of the class was the paper money trading. I learned a ton about trading and found myself to be a fairly successful trader. I did however stick to the big boy stocks like Apple, Microsoft and Nike. You can do that sort of thing when you have $1,000,000 to work with.

That class gave me a few “ah ha” moments which finally allowed me to understand the stock market better. In the past, I didn’t know where to begin so I blindly searched the internet. I really had no idea how to effectively research stocks. After one class I knew more stock trading terms and had real-world trading experience.

9 to 5

I continued to work a regular job in health care IT and I researched the market every chance I could. Some of the best resources are on Think or Swim under the education tab. I found myself tearing through numerous stock trading articles and videos every day. I would work long days behind a monitor then come home and stare at another screen researching the stock market. During this time I created a TDAmeritrade account and took another stab at a paper account. I saw some success and learned a lot during this time.

Let the trading begin

In 2016 I decided to make a deposit and move over to a real money account. I began trading slowly because I was still working a day job. There wasn’t the time to research each trade like I should have. The distractions of work and regular life were reflected in my account. I started to see significant losses and just couldn’t understand why. I had done so well with a paper money account after all. My trading became more careless because I was trying to make trades during the day on my mobile device. Mobile devices are fine for trading but rushing the process is not. I lost cash for quite awhile before things started to turn around…