Origin – Outline


The subscriber who creates the team is the team manager
Each team is composed of three different roles

  • Team Manager
  • Team Coaches
  • Players

Team Managers

  • Team policies are set by team manager
  • Managers can customize their teams’ page
  • May charge team members or offer free membership
  • Can subscribe to alerts and newsfeeds for their teams’ page
  • Decide the overall techniques their team will use throughout the season


  • All details for a player exist on their card
  • Players who do not belong to a team are called free agents
  • Free agents can promote themselves to prospective teams based on their skills and experience
  • Free agents work to optimize their profile to attract managers who are searching for team members
  • Team members consider team plays and techniques for their own investing
  • Each team member uses their own success or failure as their personal scorecard


  • Help develop the team strategy and playbook
  • Posses and share unique skills useful to their team
  • Are points of contact for team players who may be more inexperienced
  • Are promoted by team managers to assist with specific team functions


  • Each team has a scoreboard
  • Team player quantity is unlimited
  • Teams are ranked against other teams in their division
  • Teams may only be in one division at a time
  • Teams are scored by metrics like P/L% and success rate
  • Teams can meet and communicate on their team page throughout each trading day
  • Each team has their own page which includes their live stream, chat, newsfeeds, roster, etc.

Divisions represent different trading techniques

  • Day trading
  • Swing trading
  • Long-term trading

Each technique consists of plays which are determined by the manager

Summary Players